Our move from Sherborne to Yeovil

At the end of 2017 we moved our Family History Centre from Sherborne to Yeovil. This involved several weeks of hard work by our team of Volunteers, packing up in Sherborne, and then unpacking in Yeovil, after preparing the premises there. 

Packing in Sherborne

We closed our Sherborne Centre on Saturday 18 November 2017 to give our Volunteers time to pack everything before the move itself at the end of the month.


Preparing the Yeovil premises

While the packing was continuing in Sherborne, Volunteers were also preparing the Yeovil premises: cleaning, decorating and carrying out minor repairs.

The Move - Day One

On Thursday 30 November, the contents of our Family History Centre at Sherborne were expertly packed into two vans by Bartletts Removals of Yeovil - the same local company who had moved us into the Sherborne Centre twelve years ago! It was a long day, which started at 7.30 am, but sustained by tea, coffee, chocolate brownies and mince pies, everything was on board by 4.30, ready for unloading the following day in Yeovil.


The Move - Days Two and Three

On Friday Volunteers were at Broadway House by 7.10am for the arrival of the larger van, and unloading it and most of the smaller one took all day. Although we hadn't planned to start unpacking on Friday, it soon became obvious that we needed to empty boxes and clear floor space as soon as possible, so on Friday and Saturday we managed to unpack all the Parish Files and the local history books for both counties.

The Move - Day Four

With another very early start on the Monday the removal company were able to unload the rest of the smaller van and we carried on unpacking Library books. We also managed to get one of our PCs installed and working.

January 2018

Just seven weeks (which included Christmas and the New Year) after closing in Sherborne, we were able to hold an informal Open Day on Saturday 6 January, and then reopened to members and other researchers on Monday 8 January. We are very pleased with our new Family History Centre and look forward to many successful years here, helping as many people as we can to find out about their family history.