Taunton is a thriving group which always attracts good audiences for a variety of speakers at our   Court meetings. Several of our members give talks but we also have guest speakers from other groups within the society and from outside. We try to mix educational and informative talks with fun. Once a year we hold members' evenings when everyone is invited to participate if they wish and we have an annual outing as well as a Christmas Social evening. There are also monthly self-help meetings at a smaller venue when members can get together to discuss research they are doing and to help each other.

Talks are at Kilkenny Court (beside the large car park which is above the railway station), Station Approach, Taunton, TA2 7QL. The Informal self-help meetings are held at Robin Close Community Hall, Bishops' Hull. Talks and meetings begin at 7.30pm

Several members of our branch run voluntary sessions in Taunton Library on a regular basis when the public can book times to get help in discovering how to research their family histories


Sue Burne (Chairman Taunton Group), 6 Townsend Lane, Chilton Polden, Somerset TA7 9EL.

Tel. 01278 722706. Click here to e-mail:

Programme 2017

Tuesday 3 January: Silas the Victorian Postman  - Alan Stone  

Tuesday 7 February Rich men, poor men of North Curry  - Dave Patten 

Tuesday 7 March: Desperately Seeking Cecil: A German immigrant family's journey from Sherlock Holmes to James Bond, via the Western Front - Ian Sage

Tuesday 4 April: Somerset families who financed the canals by Derrick Hunt. The talk will be on the Somerset shareholders who financed two canals.  

Tuesday 2 May:  Counting the Days (A unique insight into life in England and on active service overseas in WW2 and the true story of a love that crossed counties and continents and went on to last a lifetime)  - Bethany and Anthony Askew

Tuesday 6 June:  William and the Spanish wife - Andrew Janes 

Tuesday 4 July:  Pearl and Alfonso: from Irish independence to the Spanish civil war - John Porter  

Tuesday 1 August:  Members’ outing to Honiton visiting “Plantagenesta - the Family History Shop”    

Tuesday 5 September: The Story behind Inn Signs - Bob Musgrave  

Tuesday 3 October: From Emperor to Workhouse - Peter de Dulin

Tuesday 7 November: How Did They Get There? -  Ted Udall  

Tuesday 5 December:  Members’ evening Xmas Social and Quiz, plus bring along a favourite piece of Christmas memorabilia.