The Group meets at Holy Trinity Church, Lysander Road,Yeovil (opp B&Q), 7.30pm


Ted Udall. Click here to e-mail.

Programme 2017

10 January Members’ evening – Brick walls & queries

14 February ABM and 'Looking after your Photos' - Ted Udall

14 March Joseph Clark: Local Artist - Eric Galvin

11 April Victorian Schools - Sarah Villiers

 9 May My Clergyman Ancestors - Chris Deane

13 June Meet at Yeovil Library 7.00pm

11 July Ag Lab to Royalty - Sue Burne

 8 August Yeovil From Old Photographs - Bob Osborn

12 September Drama, Humour and Surprise: history through wills, coroners' reports and gravestones- Ed Lorch

10 October Pearl and Alphonso - John Porter

14 November The Big Game Hunter, The Fashion Designer and The Time Lord - Ann-Marie Wilkinson

12 December A Uniform Existence - Mike Bolton