Social Records

Many of our ancestors will have taken part in local activities and related documents which survive can often include not only lists of names, but also other personal details of our family members which may not be obtainable elsewhere and which can help to augment the basic information available from official records

We are categorising as 'Social Records' lists such as those of sports' teams, the casts of local plays and pageants, membership registers for local social and hobby clubs, school registers and teams, etc. Records will be found in local archives, museum collections and libraries, as well as in the popssession of the clubs, teams, societies, etc., if these still exist.

The first such SDFHS Project is researching the local people, almost 1,000 in number, who participated in the Sherborne Pageant of 1905, and we hope that this will serve as a model for studies of similar pageants and plays performed throughout Somerset and Dorset.

If you, or your local group, would be interested in setting up a similar SDFHS Project, please contact us with details of the records which you would like to research.

SDFHS Projects

Sherborne Pageant Participants