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The Pre-1754 Somerset Marriage Index is a computerised index, started in 1994, which is mainly made up, at the present time, of entries extracted from the printed volumes of Phillimores Somerset Marriages. These are being augmented by extracts from Dwelly's Bishops Transcripts and a small number of Parish Register transcripts which have been donated to the Society, and lodged in its library. Once these sources are exhausted, the systematic extraction of pre-1754 marriages from the Parish registers deposited at the Somerset Record office in Taunton, will be used as the main source of entries for the Index.

In 1751 we changed from the Julian Calendar, where the New Year started on 25th March to the Georgian Calendar where the New Year started on 1st January. To facilitate the transition the 3rd-13th September 1752 was omitted from the calendar. Wherever possible we have tried to keep to the actual dates on which the marriage took place.

The detail on a register entry for the Pre-1754 period can be quite sparse. Witnesses rarely appear. Some entries simply state John Smith was marryed, while others give the spouse's name, parish of residence and marital status. Occasionally an occupation or a parent's name may be mentioned

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